Fenchurch Energy provides business support for projects, value and risk advice, as well as specific regulatory compliance.
Our expert advice focuses on helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our advisory service delivery is backed by solid engineering expertise, making the breadth and depth of our advisory services distinctive.

Our clients cut across the energy industry, IOCs, NOCs, marine contractors, banks, investors and law firms, as well as government bodies and public-sector institutions. Fenchurch Energy has performed technical and commercial advisory work for oil and gas companies, private equity firms, banks and investment organisations in Nigeria and South Africa
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Technical Reservoir Studies and Management
Fenchurch Energy provides independent reservoir management advice to our clients, which include financial organisations, investment banks, private equity firms and marginal field operators.

Our team is highly skilled and proficient knowledgeable in the following the disciplines of geophysics, geology, petro-physics, reservoir and petroleum engineering, completions engineering, petroleum economics and facilities engineering. The experience level of our team members is of notable standard and this represents the major strength in our service delivery.
Divestment and Acquisition Support
Fenchurch Energy has experience of providing valuations for private and national oil companies and financial institutions.

We recognize that each evaluation and client is different; therefore, we tailor our teams to match the needs of the project and the client. Our teams consist of commercial and technical specialists with extensive experience in sub-surface analysis, reserves auditing, technical evaluations. If necessary, these teams can be supplemented by drilling engineers, facilities engineers and other functions from within the Fenchurch portfolio.

For Acquisition valuations the appropriate multi-disciplinary technical team reviews reservoir, production, cost and commercial data. This is developed into a series of independent production forecasts, reserves and resources by category, Capex and Opex cases with relevant economic models to yield a range of cash flow forecasts.

We have worked in all the major petroleum provinces around the continent and have the expertise to build tailored fiscal models based on solid technical expertise and local/regional knowledge base.

For Divestments, we compile an Information Memorandum as part of the sales prospectus. Where relevant, we provide the study as a Competent Person’s Report (CPR) or Independent Engineer Report (IER).
Technical Competent Persons Report
Our CPRs are prepared in accordance with international standards and have been used to support listings on stock exchanges, private equity funding and to support A&D. We evaluate single assets or portfolios and will highlight technical and non-technical risks as well as commercial and strategic opportunities.

We adopt an asset and client focused approach; we use innovative tools to determine/estimate full value range for an asset or portfolio. These techniques can be tuned to address specific issues, such as risk and uncertainty which allows the threats and opportunities to be articulated clearly and, where possible, quantified. We also provide independent advice to buyers and brokers on less tangible aspects such as operator competence, partner issues and other opportunities within the geographic region of the project or investment.
Technical Independent Engineer Report
Fenchurch Energy can act as Independent Engineers to provide a review and assessment of the Future Value of reserves required by lending institutions.

Our multidisciplinary teams have the breadth and depth of knowledge to provide the technical, environmental, and economic assessment needed for the Due Diligence process. These valuations can be applied to single assets, entire companies and infrastructure opportunities.

With extensive continent experience and a track record of delivering IERs to a high standard, we are able to support clients across Africa.
Gas Monetization (Technical Reports/Audits)
Fenchurch Energy performs Gas Monetization studies for both onshore and offshore fields, considering conversion to LNG power generation, gas to liquids, methanol production, and transportation as compressed natural gas.

Many of these studies consider whether associated gas should be re-injected, or a number of different methods and locations for entering a pipeline infrastructure which could be used.

We understand the processes and technologies involved for each of the different monetization options and the parameters that would make each alternative economically viable.

We can rapidly evaluate each option, developing the capex, opex, schedule, economics and risk quantification for each of the potential transportation and conversion options to recommend the best solution from a technical perspective.
Safety, risk & reliability advisory services
Fenchurch Energy can provide technical decision support and risk assessments for safe and reliable design and operations – for your equipment, ship or mobile offshore unit.
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